October 19, 2014

Changes in the crew

As previously reported, lead vocalist Taage Laiho isn't in the band anymore. His work can be heard on GM's second album Out For Blood and he also did a miniature tour with the band at the time of release. His signing out doesn't involve any drama, it was only due to schedule and distance problems. After seriously considering all the possibilities, the guys came up with a solution. The new lead vocalist for the band is Pete Ahonen, who is also the songwriter and guitarist in the band. This decision is natural because the band's debut Haunting Remains had Mr. Ahonen on the lead vocals as well. Bass player Sami Nyman made a decision to leave the band last winter. The guys did look for a new bassist among other things but the right kind of axeman wasn't found easily. Mr. Nyman managed to do a comeback after a band meeting this fall. He explains: "Sometimes life throws you around and you have to make a decision. That's only to find out later on that it was a big mistake. I'm lucky as hell to have such amazing band comrades, such as the guys in Ghost Machinery. Now's the time to concentrate on our third album." Their third album is titled Evil Undertow. Cover artwork looks amazingly good and the recordings are nearly done. After finishing a few guitar parts and solos and wrapping up the vocals it's a done deal. The release date is somewhere in the near future but it unfortunatelly won't be this year.

August 7, 2013

All the Ghost Machinery albums available digitally!!!

Now you can find all the albums in the biggest stores like Spotify, Itunes etc.

March 14, 2012

New Material!

The band has been writing a new material for the follower of highly praised Out for Blood.

Some drums & bass tracks has already been recorded and the plan is to continue within a few weeks.

March 14, 2012

Taage is currently touring with Kilpi.

Taage's other band Kilpi is also busy promoting the new single "Lautta"
Watch video on YouTube..

The band is doing a little "spring-tour" in Finland...
110.2.2012 RAVINTOLA BASSO, Turku
24.2.2012 RAVINTOLA KUOKANTALO, Marttila
25.2.2012 MONTTU, Pori
02.3.2012 RAVINTOLA TOTEM, Lappeenranta
03.3.2012 CLUB ENCORE, Kouvola
09.3.2012 CLUB CHICAGO, Lahti
23.3.2012 RAVINTOLA VILJO’S, Suolahti
24.3.2012 LÄNNENTIE, Uusikaupunki
30.3.2012 KLUBI, Turku
31.3.2012 THE ROCK, Kokkola

September 23, 2011

Legends of Rock 2 kajahtaa Club Teatrialla 8. lokakuuta 2011


Mai 31, 2011

New single!

The band has started the recordings of a new single. It contains 2 tracks and it pays homage to the Finnish heavy metal of the 80's. They'll make a cover versions from the metal pioneers of that time and single will be downloaded for free at the bands website. Spesific release-date will announced later.

Ghost Machinery on aloittanut uuden singlen äänitykset. 2 biisiä sisältävä tuotos kumartaa kunnioittaen 80-luvun Suomi-heville ja bändi coveroi sekä pohjoisen, että etelän metalli pioneerien musiikkia.

Sinkku julkaistaneen kesän aikana ja on ladattavissa bändin sivuilta ilmaiseksi. Julkaisuajankohta tarkentuu myöhemmin

October 28, 2010

Rocketqueen Susi interview:

October 15, 2010

Paikallinen julkaisu Oulu-lehti haastatteli maestro Pete Ahosta, tsekkaa linkki: Tulevan viikonlopun levynjulkkarikeikan kunniaksi vokalistimme Taage on Radio Megan iltapäiväohjelman vieraana 15.10. Jos olet kuuluvuusalueen ulkopuolella, nettiradio on ratkaisu: Radiomega Nettiradio Ensi viikonloppuna Oulun Hevimestassa tärähtää, kauan odotettu levynjulkkarikeikka lauantaina 16.10. alkaen klo 23:30. Vapaa pääsy!

A local newspaper called Oulu-lehti interviewed Ghost Maestro Pete, here's a link for ya in finnish: During this weekend there's a lot going in Ghost Machinery's camp. On friday the 15th you can hear our lead vocalist Taage live on air in finnish as he is interviewed in Radio Mega's afternoon show, this one's also in finnish: Radiomega Nettiradio Main thing is our long-awaited album release gig @ Hevimesta, Oulu. This what we've been waiting for, hopefully you too so bring all your head-banging friends with you. Free entry!

September 16, 2010

Added new Out For Blood reviews --> Reviews Out For Blood

September 1, 2010

The brand new Ghost Machinery-album Out For Blood in pre-listening @ PSK Kaupunni-bar 4.9. in Oulu, Finland.

Now you've got a great chance to be among the first ones to hear Ghost Machinery's brand new album Out For Blood. Just find your way to PSK Kaupunni-bar ( in Oulu at 8:00 pm. Make sure you've got some cash with you because the first arrivers can buy Out For Blood on location, four days before the Finnish release! Guys from the band will be there too, of course and the house DJ starts playing Out For Blood at 9:00 pm. Consider this as a pre-release party and there's a possible surprise coming your way there, so be there!

Uunituore Ghost Machinery-albumi Out For Blood esikuuntelussa Oulussa PSK Kaupunni-baarissa 4.9.

Nyt sinulla on loistava mahdollisuus päästä kuulemaan ensimmäisten joukossa Ghost Machineryn uusi levy Out For Blood. Suuntaa koordinaattisi kohti PSK Kaupunni-baaria Oulussa ( viimeistään klo 20:00. Kannattaa varata käteistä rahaa levyllinen mukaan, koska ensimmäisillä paikalle saapujilla on mahdollisuus hankkia Out For Blood paikan päältä, neljä päivää ennen virallista Suomen julkaisua! Bändi on paikan päällä tietenkin ja talon DJ päräyttää Out For Bloodin soimaan klo 21:00. Saattaa olla että illan aikana koetaan pienimuotoinen yllätys jos toinenkin. Kaikki paikalle!

August 4, 2010

Ghost Machinery signed a sponsorship deal with Finnish Underground Store, so the guys will look even better on stage from now on ;) Check out their website:

August 4, 2010

Keeps the countdown to OFB on, while doing that go check out this link:
This is our record label's website, their main page to be exact.

August 1, 2010

New song, Face of Evil, in online at Check it out folks!!!!

July 20, 2010

New album Out For Blood released 27. August 2010!

July 16, 2010

Ghost Machinery vokalisti Taagen haastattelu kuultavissa Radio Sadassa perjantaina klo.14-15 välisenä aikana. Ohjelmassa kuullaan myös uusi single Blood from Stone! Netissä kuultavissa

June 15, 2010

Ghost Machinery drummer Jussi and bassist Sammy will a guest in the morning show at Radio Mega.

The interview starts at 08.00 am and can be heard at (in Finnish)

Ghost Machinery rumpali Jussi ja basisti Sammy vieraana aamushowssa Radio Megassa klo.08.00

Lähetystä voi kuunnella

June 14, 2010

New Booking Agency / Uusi Ohjelmatoimisto!

Ghost Machinery's booking in Finland is now handled by Bandage.

Check more info

Ghost Machineryn keikkamyynnin suomessa hoitaa Bandage.

Lisää infoa

June 13, 2010

Finnish Ghost Machinery inked a deal with Limb Music.

Finnish melodic metal act, Ghost Machinery, signed a worldwide record deal with German record label Limb Music.

Ghost Machinery was formed in 2002 by Pete Ahonen, the singer & guitarist of another Finnish band Burning Point.

The debut album, Haunting Remains, was released in 2004 and it gained a lots of great reviews all over the world! Due to the unfortunate problems with their label back then the band decided it was best to leave the company.

As they continued to record the new songs, the idea to take the new singer to the band grew stronger.

Pete contacted his friend Taage (Laiho), ex-Altaria & Kilpi singer, and asked him to join the band. Pete says, "Taage is by far one of the great singers around and we’re very happy that he joined us and the fact that we have quite similar vocal style & range makes him very easy to sing the vocal melodies I’ve been written"

Also the new bassist, Sami, was a perfect fit to complete the new Ghost Machinery line-up. "Sami has great stage precence as well he is an awesome player and one of the key points is also his huge enthusiasm towards the music of Ghost Machinery", Pete stated.

After over 10 offers from the record labels around, they chose Limb Music.

The new, 2nd, album "Out for Blood" will be released in Autumn 2010.


Taage Laiho / Vocals (Kilpi & ex-Altaria)

Pete Ahonen / Guitars (Burning Point & Stargazery)

Mikko Myllylä / Guitars (King’s Ruin)

Sami Nyman / Bass

Jussi Ontero / Drums & Keyboards (Burning Point & King’s Ruin)

February 9, 2010


Hello you all!

A little update would be in order...

As we previously reported the new new 4 track promo cd is ready and we send the first ones to the labels just before Christmas.

The response has been very, very positive and they have really liked our stuff

Obviously we can't name any company's at this point but several labels have already shown their interest to release the 2nd Out for Blood album!

We hope we can give you the news concerning the label within a month.

Stay tuned!

-GM Crew

Nowember 16, 2009

Backing vox...

Great news, harmony vox for 4 songs are ready! Sounds amazing folks

The songs are Blood from Stone, Lost in Time, Sentenced to Life (in paradise) and Name Remains in History.

More news soon!

-GM Crew

October 30, 2009

Press release!!!

Finnish Ghost Machinery found a new vocalist & in search for a new label.

New front man of the band is Taage Laiho. He’s also a vocalist of a well known Finnish band Kilpi and you might know his work on 2 Altaria albums.

Taage’s vocals can be heard on Divinity and The Fallen Empire albums and he also made an extensive European tour with the band in 2006.

Kilpi band just released their 5th album, Pirun Merta, and at the moment Kilpi is touring in ....Finland.....

Ghost Machinery was formed by a Pete Ahonen (Burning Point) in 2002 and they released their debut album, Haunting Remains, in December 2004.It was highly praised in the media all over the world and it gained lots of great reviews as well as huge amount of interviews was made during the time of the release.

It might seem to the public that not much activity, but the band has been very active "beneath" the surface and the guys have been in & out from the studio recording the 2nd album Out for Blood. Also the band is very happy that although Taage is a newest member he was able to put his "mark" on the record. Obviously with his great singing but also lyrically he was very much involved.

Currently the band is putting finishing touches to the Out for Blood album and their plan is to release a single at the end of this year.


Taage Laiho (Kilpi/Ex-Altaria) - Vocals
Pete Ahonen (Burning Point/Stargazery) - Guitars
Mikko Myllylä (King’s Ruin) - Guitars
Sami Nyman - Bass
Jussi Ontero (Burning Point/King’s Ruin) - Drums (Keyboards on the album)

October 04, 2009

Basstracks are recorded, finally!

Hi folks!

This is the day that I can proudly tell you that all the bass tracks are done. It..s time for a little celebration at this point! Ghost Maestro Pete had enough patience to be the sound engineer for my playing, so thanks again, man!

There..s something going on with our lead singing, you..ll be the first to hear it from here. If everything goes as planned, 3 weeks from now and we have lead vocals recorded. Stay tuned...


September 14, 2009

Hi everyone!

So, as you have read from here, I..m the new bass player with the guys. I..m very excited to have this honour to be the new 4-string axeman. As you might know, I recently quit with my old band The Kickstart Rockers because I got bored playing and singing cover rock. This is a great chance for me to be able to focus on playing bass only. Sometimes there might be a moment of screaming my lungs out as a backround vocalist ;)

The new record is nearly done and I must say, that all the new tracks are killer-songs! going to record all the bass tracks this week, hopefully everything goes well. No doubt about it!

Stay tuned, stay heavy and most of all, stay tuned!


ps. After today..s work at the studio, the first basstrack has been recorded! We were only about to put microphones in place and find the right sound but by accident Fortuneteller has a basstrack now ;)

September 13, 2009

I think it's time for a little update of whats going on

Just a few days ago we recruited a new bassplayer and his name is Sami Nyman.

Sami recently part ways with his former band The Kickstart Rockers which was/is a cover band playing rock classisc ranging from the Paint it black to the Breaking the law.

Sami will post a statement later...

He will start to record the bass next week and hopefully within a week the bass tracks are done. Drums done, keyboards done, rhythm guitars done, few solos done...So, few solos and the bass and it all waits for the singer to sing! Yeah the singer...who is the singer ? Well, we have to be a little cryptic for now because it's not a "done deal" yet, but we can assure that many of you will recognize the name from various bands.

Here are a few song titles: Mask of Madness, Blood from Stone, Lost in Time, Out for Blood, Guilty, Face of Evil, Name will Remain (in History), Fortune Teller..

That's for now, stay tuned for more!

-Ghost Machinery

June 25, 2008

Hello folks !

As you might hear, we added the new killer Ghost Machinery track on the player !!

We hope you..ll love the song :)

Also looking for a new record label that would be interested to work with us considering the release of the 2nd album.

Any parties interested, just contact

Thanks and talk to you soon !!


March 22, 2008

Hello there !

We just finalized our new 5 track demo cd, Ghosts in the castle pt.II
Song titles are...
Blood from Stone
Mask of Madness
Lost in Time
Face of Evil

The cd has been send to labels all around the world and as soon as we have something good to report, you..ll hear it first !